Recliner Repair

Handles - Cables - Seat Rebuilds - Frame Repair - Rips - Tears - Leather panels replaced

Recliner chairs and sofas are probably the most comfortable pieces of furniture ever made. 

They come in leather,faux leather, suede, and fabric.

Over time they are susceptible to wear and tear issues like, broken handles and cables collapsed seats, mechanism issues, rips and tears etc etc.

A Modern Recliner

Probably the most comfortable chair ever made

Seat Problems

A very common problem is where the seat interior collapses, this is when the seat loses all support and it can feel like you are sitting in a hole. This normally happens to the most used seats (the tv seat) The Sofa Doctor can replace the seat interior with a soft medium or hard foam we also replace the springs/ web supports as part of the job. We also as a matter of course check and fix any frame issues. Our customer do not need to get all their seats done just the ones that have given way. This particular job can be very ecconimical, our customers have new comfortable seats for a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

Handles Cables and Springs

The Sofa Doctor offers a full recliner handle and cables replacement service. We carry a large stock of different type of handles, cables and springs, there are at least 25 to 30 differing sizes and designs of recliner handles and cable. If we haven’t got your particular one in stock, we can order it in and have inside a week.

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