Sofa Repair

Seat Rebuild

Some modern furniture particularly recliners and sofas with built in seats, (non removable seat cushions) are made with a certain obsolescence.
This is where seats go soft and collapse over time (long before what would be the natural end of life of the product) this can leave people with a perfect chair, sofa, or recliner, that is uncomfortable to sit on. This is a very frustrating position for people to be in as the replacement cost of the entire product can be substantial ,when the person feel as if they haven't gotten their money's worth out of the product.

Specialist Repair

This is the type of work The Sofa Doctor specialises in. We can rebuild any seat to make it comfortable and supportive again. We do this by replacing the interiors and the seat springs/webs interiors. We will as part of the job will repair any rips or tears etc.

You will have your choice of Soft, Medium, or Firm interiors. This is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire product.

The Envoirnment

This Job:
Saves Money.
Reduces your carbon footprint by refurbishing your existing product.
Extends the life of your furniture.

Collapsed Arms

Another common problem is collapsed arms, this can be caused by either a frame or interior support failure. This type of problem can usually be repaired onsite and can be done at very economical price.

This is a top quality Sofa, the seats have  collapsed and the back cushions need a fibre refill. Although this looks bad it is actually quite repairable

The seats have been completely refurbished, the backs have been refilled, and the leather was surface cleaned. This is an example of the type of work The Sofa Doctor does. 

This is another very common problem (collapsed arm) This can normally be repaired onsite.

Problems like this can be repaired to make the arm look like new.

Other Sofa Repairs


General Upholstery Repair

 Leather repairs 

Foam cushion replacement

Fibre cushion replacement or fibre refill 

Broken Rails Replaced

Broken Springs Replaced

Broken Zips Replaced

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